508 Letters from Fontainhas: Three Films by Pedro Costa

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Re: 508 Letters from Fontainhas: Three Films by Pedro Costa

#126 Post by Robespierre » Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:50 am

And Costa doesn't do it in an exploitative manner either, kind of just shows it as it is which is why I gravitated towards the idea that they're on the margins of society because they are poor drug addicts. Whichever came first is largely irrelevant. The scene late in the film where they discuss how they got there was quite telling for me because the woman seems to at least recognize that they made a choice while the man sees himself as a victim of circumstance or even "destiny". I'm not sure we entirely disagree; in that sense they chose to be forgotten, chose to live on the margins, and their world is dark, ill-defined, fuzzy, and immobile. A movie about some wealthy stockbroker in Lisbon probably wouldn't look the same because they have means with which to sustain themselves, they're presumably not killing themselves, have some sort of future, don't live in darkness, etc.

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