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MoC on Mubi

#1 Post by kidc85 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:34 am

Just in case people weren't aware, Mubi have been streaming various MoC films for (at least) the past few months. Mubi operate on a fairly unique rotating system, whereby you pay £2.99 a month and every day you get a new film, available only for the next thirty days. It's obviously no Hulu Plus but I actually really like the set-up: there's no paradox of choice (which I, first world problem-style, find crippling) but there's still always at least one film that I really want to see. I was slightly surprised seeing MoC pop up on here: I know they disliked LoveFilm, so I'd be interested in finding out anything more about the arrangement they have with Mubi. I've certainly haven't seen them promote any kind of connection between the two.


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Re: MoC on Mubi

#2 Post by TMDaines » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:00 am

I've been using Mubi for the past three months and I love the premise too. There's a really varied mix of stuff on there at all times. I, in fact, watched Onibaba on there the other night, which was presumably licensed through Eureka/MoC.

Their iPhone/iPad apps are really convenient for travelling, or downloading films which you can later stream to your Apple TV/HTPC. Also, if you you travelling about, or use free VPNs, you can get a different slate of movies from their US/Canadian/Australian/various European sites too.

I think a lot of the angst with rental services was due to them simply buying one or two of their discs and then renting them out to everyone with no royalties or anything. And to think that disc rental/libraries are seen as a morally wholesome alternative to piracy...

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